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Tie Style: Strapless

One Dress. Over 15 Different Ways to Wrap. Wear again and again.

With endless ways to wrap The Classic Ballgown, Strapless is great for gals that feel most comfortable wearing a bra. You can keep your back fairly covered, but everything in the front can be secured by giving a little tuck into your bra. The best part about each style is that anything can be custom to your body shape and size. Whatever you want to accentuate or keep covered, there is a style that will give you exactly what you're looking for!

twobirds bridesmaid strapless ballgown in color rust

You will need someone to help you with this style as it takes a few more hands than just two! 

Start by holding the base of each strap where they meet the skirt of the dress. Cross them over twice (right over left) pulling them nice and tot under the bra. Take the straps and fan them out over your bust to create a sweetheart neckline. Tip: The darker side of the fabric should be facing inward. This will help make sure that everything looks in sync later on. Have the person wearing the dress hold the fanned out sashes in place over her busts while the person trying comes around to the back. Then, with both straps around the back of the dress, pull them to secure everything and cross them over, bringing them under the armpits around to the front to cross over again. This time around, bring one sash diagonally over the bust (doing the same on both sides), covering up any messy looking spots or openings. Bring them around to the back and secure with a pretty bow or a knot. 

For more tying tutorials, visit our site here. Scroll through for inspo xx

twobirds bridesmaid wearing burgundy ballgown in the strapless style

twobirds bridesmaid wearing rosewood strapless ballgown

pregnant woman wearing twobirds rosewood strapless ballgown

twobirds bridesmaid wearing strapless red short straight

twobirds bridesmaid wearing red strapless short straight

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