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Ilaria Fiorensoli - The Wedding Issue

We sat down with world class Italian wedding & event planners to get the scoop on destination wedding planning
Ilaria Fiorensoli - The Wedding Issue is an exquisite destination wedding planning service based out of Rome, Italy, with offices in both Milan and New York. Though, their dedicated wedding planning team can be utilized regardless of location. Their services include a signature ‘wedding coach’ to help couples through their emotional journey to marriage, in order to achieve the Italian destination wedding of their dreams. Check out our Q&A with their lead destination wedding manager, Michelle Carpente.

Wedding planner groul Ilaria
You just got engaged, now what?
"Once you get engaged, the first thing you do is look for inspiration (unless you’ve been planning dream wedding pinterest boards since you were younger). Without much help from the groom, brides are doing everything they can to find new ideas and stay up to date with new trends. Because that can be challenging, Ilaria has all the answers to lead you in the right direction."

Should I use a wedding planner if I am eloping?
"If you’re a busy couple, or you just don’t have time for a pre-wedding trip to your dream destination, a wedding planner is definitely necessary. Take the stress out of your elopement/wedding and let your planner take care of every detail. From travel plans to necessary documents, logistics, decorations and more. Everything you need for your elopement or your wedding or the honeymoons will be taken care of."
Twobirds dresses hanging in wedding planners office

What are some of the pros and cons of destination weddings?
"With any intimate occasion you have to make some cuts on the guest list. If you’re trying to avoid leaving anyone out, a more traditional wedding might be a better option, as opposed to an elopement. An elopement is smaller, whereas a destination wedding allows you to invite the same amount of guests that you would in your home country (though this can get a bit pricey). If you are thinking this is the route for you, aim to cap the invites to about 50. 
Another thing to think about is that it can also be expensive for your guests who you choose to invite. It’s not always easy to get all your friends and family to another country, but the ceremony you always dreamt of could potentially outway the cons. Imagine the wedding you have always imagined; whether it’s a symbolic location, a stunning scenic backdrop, or running away with your forever person, you really can get married anywhere. You just have to be prepared for road bumps along the way, as with any wedding no matter the location."

How do I find the venue and vendors for my destination wedding if I'm not anywhere near there?
"If you are totally lost when it comes to finding a venue and vendors, don’t worry because your wedding planner will find you all the suppliers you need. It might sound weird to book a venue without ever seeing it but thanks to Facetime and Skype, your wedding planner will make you feel like you’re there the entire time—during inspections, site visits, decoration planning and shopping, everything. Ilaria is constantly staying on top of trends and working with new vendors who can help you mimic the wedding of all your pinterest boards in real life."

View out of window in Ilaria's Italy office
When should I send the save the dates for a destination wedding?
"It really depends on the amount of guests that you are considering for your special day. Plan to give your guests at least 6 months notice to plan their days off and their trip to your special day!"

How long before my wedding date should I meet with you?
"As soon as you get engaged, Ilaria is ready to start planning. First thing’s first is creating a timetable to get you prepared!"

Table in wedding planner's office for meetings
What should I expect from a destination wedding planner?
"A destination wedding planner is someone who you can confide in; who understands the culture of the place you are looking to get married in. They understand your needs and requests and will work alongside you no matter how unique or specific your visions are. They have no hours and no shifts, especially when it comes to time zones. Jet lag is no enemy, but a friend!"

Why should I choose Italy to get married?
"In Italy, you get it all: art, mountains, lakes, beaches, amazing food and lots of wine! April through October are the most beautiful months in Italy, providing the perfect backdrop to your special day. August and July get very warm but if you choose mountains or lakes, it will cool it down to the perfect temperature. The hospitality and charm of Italy makes it the best destination to get married. From the smell to the lovely colors, it’s exactly like you pictured in the movies. Get in touch with the wedding planners of Ilaria, friendly faces eager to help you plan your wedding with ease."

Looking through a window onto a street in Italy

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