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Meet The Lucky Maiden, Your Bridal BFF

Swoon worthy gifts for everyone from your bride to be, to your entire bridal party.⁣

Meet The Lucky Maiden, your bridal BFF; a one-stop shop featuring tons of goodies for everyone involved in your big day. We sat down with the Lucky Maiden to go over everything you need to know when it comes to prepping for the wedding and finding swoon-worthy gifts for the bride to be and her tribe!⁣ 👰👯⁣ So you're engaged (like Mariah McAlpin, featured below), now what?! via The Lucky MaidenHere at Twobirds, our gals are constantly looking for hangers to display our Classic Ballgowns. Surprise your gals with exactly what your gorgeous gown deserves, a personalized wedding dress hanger (that's also very Instagram worthy)! Or maybe your gals need a custom towel to pair with their Twobirds Swimsuit that's going on the bachelorette party! PSA: There's a full section dedicated to beach themed bridal party gifts!! 

Okay but, what does it mean to be a bridal BFF? 

What we focus on at The Lucky Maiden is making sure any gift purchased fits into the envisioned dream of the bride’s special day. Whether it’s a bridesmaid proposal, bachelorette party, or day-of prep, these goodies are photographed in what will become some of the most cherished photos and moments for the bride on her big day. Planning a wedding can be intimidating, especially with all the small details that can’t be forgotten. When it comes to spoiling your gals, that part should be nothing but fun. These gifts aren’t just items that will get one use. "What we offer in one word... memories!" custom bridesmaid hangers from The Lucky Maiden

custom towels for your bridesmaids by the Lucky Maiden
Customers at The Lucky Maiden aren’t just brides or bridesmaids, but instead they include anyone from mothers of the bride, to groomsmen. It goes to show that there’s something for everyone on the site! Get tons of inspiration, advice, and genuine keepsakes for the big day! The most popular gifts include, proposal boxes, compact mirrors, custom hats, robes, and personalized fitted tees.

Bridesmaid proposal box from The Lucky Maiden
Custom compact mirrors from The Lucky Maiden

custom hats for bridesmaids, from The Lucky Maiden
custom bridesmaid robes from The Lucky Maiden

And finally, the best from your bridal BFF: "Do what you want! You will never make everyone happy and this is one of those times in life that it is all about you! Big wedding, destination wedding, pink wedding dress, you do you!"

custom tees from The Lucky Maiden


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