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Flowers that Will Transform Your Wedding

Chic and Unexpected Wedding Flowers by Darling Moon

Alice Kil, founder and lead stylist of Darling Moon, discovered her love for all things flowers after working at a local flower shop in New York City nearly a decade ago. She became a wedding florist in 2015, which ignited a journey of studying floral forms, backgrounds and various styles. This past summer, Kil opened the doors to her very own brick and mortar shop in Tribeca (which also doubles as a chic and welcoming cafe) where she hosts classes, creates beautiful arrangements, and of course, showcases her love for flowers. 

darling moon flower shop

All of Darling Moon’s arrangements are made-to-order and tailored to fit the exact vibe and style of the occasion. While some florists specialize in tall and lush centerpieces, or modern and minimalist, Darling Moon truly caters to everyone and everything. By using flowers in unique ways, pairing different types of buds and fabrications, their arrangements really transform a space. 

darling moon flower shop

Alice and her team recently turned our NYC Showroom into a sanctuary of blooming magic for Bridal Week in NYC. From a custom floating flower cloud, to a textured table scape, to say they delivered would be an understatement.

darling moon flowers setup in the twobirds New York showroom

Darling Moon carefully accommodates all of their client’s needs, including budget, to bring a space to the next level with arrangements that are out of this world. Flowers encompass the heart of any celebration, so it’s important to have a reliable florist—whether the vibe is romantic, modern, whimsical or rustic—the gals at Darling Moon know exactly what to pair with what in order to bring a dream to reality. 

darling moon flower x twobirds

Here we sat down with Alice to discuss how she sets the stage for buds in bloom. 

What’s the most unique way that you’ve ever used flowers? 
There are still so many different ways to use flowers that I want to try out. My work decorating a dress using a fresh and small flowers is most memorable. Although we enjoy fresh cut flowers adaptations most, it is also attractive to use preserved or dried flowers to make small props such as frames and candles that will keep for long periods of time.

How did you start making floral clouds?
I like to try new designs; realize our imagination as we enjoy all kinds of pretty works. The flowering clouds started because we wanted to create a larger, richer cloud while also making a small hanging arrangement. It is an item that goes well with any party table or event place.

How do you pair florals to decide what flowers to use in an arrangement?
I usually choose a main flower first, then take into account the color of the face to choose others that match. 

What challenges do the seasons pose for choosing flowers?
Each season has its strongest flowers but if someone desires a particular flower that is not in season at that time, the price will go up as they are more difficult to find. Though it is possible. It can also be complicated to care for those flowers when out of season. 

How far in advance can arrangements be set up before an event?
For an event, flowers must be ordered two weeks in advance. About two to three days before the event I will get them prepared so that they will bloom the day of, showing off their prettiest state. 

What should I bring with me to my floral consultation?
During the floral consultation, we’ll start with details about the event, such as the colors and the overall vibe. If there is a special item that our clients want, we ask that they find an inspiration image to explain what they are thinking. We’ll then put together a mood board to discuss, and go from there! 

What kinds of things can be done to maximize budget?
I will always choose the prettiest flowers that I can find within one’s budget. I like to mix colors and different types of flowers to create a rich and beautiful looking decoration. Minimizing the type of flower reduces budget, as particular types have differences in costs. If things are more color focused, I can take advantage of the abundance of trending colors, and find the most beautiful flowers in each color. 

Do you also work with cake designers for weddings so the florals align with the cake?
We use fresh flowers to decorate wedding cakes. But, we’ve even created edible soybean flowers made of rice cake and buttercream. We are currently working on a fragrant flower cake made from soy candles that will be released soon, this winter! 

darling moon flower shop

From bouquets to flower crowns to floral installations, not only do they do it all, they teach classes and host workshops as well. Most florists aren’t mind readers, but these ones are. To get in contact, you can visit their website here:

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