Featured on Wish Wish Wish

Featured on Wish Wish Wish

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We could hardly contain our excitement when we stumbled on the images of Carrie from the blog Wish Wish Wish featuring the stunning Petal Tulle Ballgowns. 

We pride ourselves on being the perfect solution to brides everywhere, from sizing, wearability, and ease. Since our dresses are only two sizes and can be wrapped in over fifteen different ways, it lets the bridal party feel cohesive yet distinguished by the way she wants to wear the dress. 

Congrats to you Carrie on your nuptials! Your wedding was a dream, your bridesmaids were stunning, and we are so honored that we could be a part of it.

xxx, twobirds

Carrie said it so perfectly: "Unlike the cheaper options the girls had tried on, the material of the Twobirds frocks has been developed so that it’s strong enough to hold your chosen design, but more importantly (especially for Reem!), hold up your boobs without the need for a bra!

The flexibility when it came to styling the dress totally won us over, as it meant the girls would look similar enough but could each wear a shape that flattered them.

I was so happy we went with them, and would wholeheartedly recommend them, especially as they come in sizes 4-24, and look good on everyone!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!