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Tie Style: Front Neck Twist

One dress. Over fifteen different ways to style.
With endless ways to wrap The Classic Ballgown, the Front Neck Twist is perfect if you like a high neckline. With two different ways to create this style, you're guaranteed to feel secure, perfect to dance the night away! This style works well with a bandeau if you feel you need a little extra coverage. The best part about each style is that anything can be custom to your body shape and size. Whatever you want to accentuate or keep covered, there is a style that will give you exactly what you're looking for!

Starting with the straps over each shoulder, situate the dress so the seam is where the underwire of your bra would be. bring one strap across to the opposite shoulder, twisting a couple of times, and then repeat with the second strap. Essentially the straps will trade places with each other. Tip: If you feel the need for more structure, simply tie the straps when crossing them over. Then, bring the straps across the back and link them around each other once, bring them under the arms and cross them at the front, making sure to cover the seam. Once you have the front style achieved, you don't have to tie the straps in the back, you could cross them, twist them together, etc. Because this style works well with a bandeau, you can play around with the back until you get the look you want! Finally, bring the sashes back around to your back and secure with a bow or a knot. 

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